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WHEN ARCHITECTURE IS MORE THAN A BUILDING: design, nature, culture and community

We believe that design can transform landscapes, and environments to improve people’s lives.  We believe the expression of architecture in harmony with nature can transcend place, space, and community, and bring people together in a unique way.  Like a symphony playing in concert over the water at sunset, a harmonious line over the landscape can sing and bring your spirit into a heightened realm of experience.
Today I am going to share some examples of where I think this happens.  Where program, community, culture, nature, and architecture all come together to leave the land better than they found it. 
We are going to share projects from some of our travels, some projects designed by some of our colleagues, and a few projects that we have worked on where the vision for the project is always larger than the size of the building.  We will share how siting, programming, materiality, circulation, landscape, and the relationship between the natural and built environment frame a space and set a stage for a new way of being; for new communication, activities, and relationships to unfold.

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