JMGA joins GSAPP Incubator at New Inc
to Jan 17

JMGA joins GSAPP Incubator at New Inc

As a member of the GSAPP Incubator at New Inc, Julia is developing professional and academic practice: JMGA, focussing on urban research and sustainable design. Stemming from an earlier collaborative XLXS, Julia is developing the XL-ingua project at the GSAPP Incubator to explore linguistic and spatial experiments in urban ecologies.

XL-ingua's first project is based around the New York City J Train. J-Training: Urban Ecologies between Church and real eState is an on-going documentation of the evolving relationship between faith based communities and real estate along the J train corridor. The project will go “LIVE” from Spring 2018 to Spring 2019, and will help explore various social and spatial questions such as “What is community?” “Who owns the city?,” “What can we learn from documenting ownership and participation in the city?,” and “How can data and storytelling inform city making decisions and designers of the future city?” Spring 2018 will mark one year before the “L Train Apocalypse,” and this research will develop a “screen shot” of ownership and occupation along the J Train before this circulation shift. Simple open source mapping and social analytic tools will help frame and distribute the research, in attempt to probe new possibilities for conversation and collaboration between long-term existing communities and new transient residents.

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